NYC Designer Amber Patton Dreams in Silk

Amber Patton Designer
Amber Patton Designer
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Amber Patton Logo

Amber Patton Collection I had the privilege to work with esteemed NYC Designer, Amber Patton recently for her Collection. The gorgeous and talented Amber Patton created her lifestyle brand in 2010 and she is the epitome of a woman that can do it all. Her Amber Patton Collection is elegant and sophisticated, creating high quality staples that would usually cost a fortune. Amber brings the best in all her designs often using her signature silk draping, so when you put on a garment you know it was created by someone with passion. 

Every woman young or old, deserves the luxury of having a few high quality and couture pieces in their closet. The Amber Patton Collection makes this dream a reality. Giving every woman, regardless of age or a body type a chance to own something exquisite. This collection creates flattering silhouettes making any woman feel like a queen when she steps out. 

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