Bing Bang NYC Love!


There's something to say about a girl who wears rose gold skulls with diamond tear drop rings. And that something is that she has the style others envy. There's nothing I love more than a dash of girly with a twist of naughty. That's what the jewelry line Bing Bang NYC is all about. This jewelry lines does a beautiful job of merging the classics with a little bit of punk. I love the punk part the most, or do I love the victorian undertones? I can't decide, and the best part is you don't have too, because each piece contains a little of both. 

This unique line is comprised with the use of a hammer and anvil, hence the name "Bing Bang." Which stems from the founder's background working in a blacksmith's shop. I think we're all excited she's using her talents for the good of fashion to create these one of a kind collections in her NYC workshop. 

Make sure to check out Bing Bang NYC and find something punk to fit your pretty, or vice versa.

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