ErinBonnie Ballerina Chic


I love shoes. Across the board, I probably have too many of every style, except peep toe (just not a fan). Regardless, I loves high quality shoes made with care and the best material. You can go bargain on the outfits, I'm a fan of that. However, when it comes to shoes I want them sturdy and as comfortable as I can get. Of course my level of comfort may differ from yours since I live for a good five inch heel.

On casual days, I like to reach for a cute pair of flats that are soft and don't kill the back of my ankle. Since we all know sometimes flats are deadly. I was recently browsing Etsy and stumbled upon the brand new shop, ErinBonnie.

The designer, Irene, is based in Greece and hand makes her lovely ballerina flats with love and care. They look so soft and are made to order with genuine Italian leather, to fit you perfectly! I will tell you from experience, once you have a shoe handmade you will want all of your shoes handmade. I learned the hard way when traveling Europe and almost maxing out my credit card on shoes. 

I love these blush ballerina flats with gold sparkle.


Sand Brown Leather and Vintage Textile Flats

Packaging is adorable. I love when little details are taken care of.


How cute is this leather pouch?! I have an obsession with little pouches. I hope to make a purchase soon and add a pair to my collection!

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