MapleXO Recycled Skateboard Jewelry

Tiffy Diamond modeling MapleXO Recycled Skateboard Jewelry

Once upon a time when I was just a small girl, I liked to ride my skateboard around. Somehow, as I grew older I didn't ride my skateboard anymore. In college, I dedicated a week to taking it back up. That week was short lived however, when I was informed by my agents that, if I broke my face I would become a hard sell. Though not the most encouraging words, it was the truth. I may have given up the skateboard dreams, but I still respect the carefree nature of skateboarding and the close knit community it creates. 

Well, I say, if you can't be a skateboarder, why not wear a skateboard? That's exactly where MapleXO comes in. MapleXO specialize in creating their jewelry and accessories from recycled skateboards

"We make each pair by hand in Portland Oregon, USA. No two pieces will ever be the same and each mark tells a story from the previous life of the skateboard" - MapleXO
MapleXO Recycled Skateboard JewelryMapleXO Recycled Skateboard Jewelry

This means, every skateboard design is unique and one of a kind. The earrings I'm wearing in this shoot still contain some of the stickers from the previous owner of the skateboard. It's amazing to know you're wearing something that had an entirely different life before joining yours. This is a unique and innovative spin on the creative process and I was more than happy to shoot with them.  

Definitely check out their website, they carry beautiful pieces you won't find anywhere else. 

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