Talented Graphic Designer Sarah Gwan

To really separate yourself and show your professionalism it's a great idea to include a logo or design that encompasses your brand. I'm writing this post because a lot of you have complimented me on my new logos and have asked where to get similar designs. They were created by the multi-talented  graphic designer, Sarah Gwan. I'm already obsessed, I've included them in my personal website, as well as my blog post and email signatures.


I met Sarah Gwan when I modeled for Millionaire Lifestyle and she is amazing. She can design websites, logos and business cards. Whatever you imagine she can do. The great thing is she can work with you no matter where you are in the world. She made these for me from Canada! She has a lot of beautiful samples on her website and is the perfect answer to make you stand out.

For more information on Sarah Gwan:

Official Website: http://sarahgwan.com

Twitter: @SarahGwan

Email: SarahGwan[@]gmail.com