Top 5 Easy Blog Design Tutorials

Top 5 Blog Design Tutorials

Happy New Year! Cute LA has a new look and I'm very proud of designing it myself. I'm not a graphic designer so it took a lot of online design tutorials to achieve this look. I did most of the design elements through the free online photo editor,  PicMonkey . Since I'm not the only one who struggles with custom blog headers, sidebar icons, and general blog design - I have New Years gift for you...

Cute LA's Top 5 Blog Design Tutorials:

1.  Make a Custom Header with Clickable Links

2.  Change Post Footer Share Buttons

3.  Create a Cool About Me Widget

4.  Free Social Media Icons (Download!)

5.  Customize Your Tabs and Gadget Titles

These easy graphic design tutorials will help you make your blog look more unique and branded as you continue to gain readers. In addition to the new look, Cute LA will be incorporating more fashion, film, branding and DIY in the upcoming year. If you're on the Cute LA mailing list you will receive exclusive Giveaways and Tips only for subscribers.

Are there any tutorials you want or that have helped with your blog?

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