Travel Diaries: Campeche, Mexico

Campeche Mexico Cute LA

Just returned from my trip to Campeche, Mexico for my best friend's destination wedding. It was a fantastic experience, that included staying at the historic Hacienda Uayamon. The Hacienda Uayamon is situated in the outskirts of Campeche, nestled within it's own jungle. This jungle included ruins of buildings from the 1800s, majestic trees, bat caves (I like to call bats "night birds") and the biggest spiders I've seen in person. I already miss the lime margaritas and hope to encounter their deliciousness again one day.

The trip included an excursion to a beautiful Cenote, where we swam, kayaked and zip lined. Monkeys watched from the trees as we had the Cenote to ourselves for the day. Which proud to say, I successfully zip lined, an adventure that's been on my bucket list for awhile. 

The wedding itself, was an intimate gathering of friends and family. With tequila, a variety of Don Julio, flowing and delicious food. In fact, there was a lady making handmade tortillas throughout the night over a fire. In between dancing I took a field trip with guests to one of the bat caves nearby. Honestly, if I wasn't deep in tequila I'm not sure I would have made the decision to do so. What is life without a little (drunken) adventures?

Share in on my trip to Campeche, Mexico through the photos below. 

Cieba Campeche Mexico
Breakfast Campeche Mexico
Tiffy Diamond Ruins Campeche Mexico
Campeche Mexico Writing on the wall
Tiffy Bikini Campeche Mexico
Cenote Campeche Mexico
Tiffy Diamond bikini campeche mexico
my hacienda campeche mexico
Trees Campeche Mexico
Tiffy Diamond Dress Campeche Mexico
Wedding Table Campeche Mexico
FLowers Campeche Mexico
Claudia and Oren Wedding

Happy to be part of this beautiful celebration. A memorable experience that included traveling to a far away land I wouldn't have seen otherwise. It makes me excited for the traveling that lays ahead in 2016!

What has been one of you favorite places to travel to?

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