Vision For 2015

My Vision for 2015 Affirmations and Goals

Dear 2015,

You have your work cut out because 2014 was ridiculously good to me. Therefore, I'm expecting big THANGS from you, not things, THANGS. I'm a dreamer and have always believed in the power of them. With that being said, I look forward to another blessed year with healthy family and friends. Here's the top 5 affirmations I have for 2015 in each avenue of my life - Career, Personal and Fashion Blogging. Since these are affirmations, they're written in the present tense, as though they are happening now. Putting good energy out there for the law of attraction.

Career Affirmations
  • Successfully added more Team Members - Cinematographers, Grips, PAs, Audio etc. to Live.Art.Love with ability to tackle multiple productions at once.
  • Amount of digital/television projects produced per month has doubled with more international productions.
  • Pre-production on our first Feature Film has began, slated for 2016 release. Talented crew and cast have come together to bring a fantastic screenplay to life for festivals and worldwide distribution.
  • Research and planning for two new businesses has started. Creatives and investors on board to see them come to fruition.
  • Have built a strong community through - events, workshops, blog, mentorships, social media and newsletter.
Blog Affirmations
  • Happy to be blogging consistently following a set schedule that works best for me.
  • I've connected with wonderful indie designers, brands and fellow bloggers. Expanding my community and supporting these wonderful individuals.
  • I help aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passion. Encouraging and teaching through public speaking, answering questions and experience.
  • I enjoy giving back to Cute LA readers through monthly giveaways
  • Attend more L.A. fashion events to cover and showcase on Cute LA.
Personal Affirmations
  • Love maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes working out, dance classes, golf and hiking. With the addition of tennis lessons.
  • Enjoy furthering my knowledge and passions through classes - woodworking, creative and out of the box.
  • Daily meditation, prayer and gratitude journal.
  • I've found a wonderful band of musicians to play guitar with and "jam" on a regular basis for fun.
  • Having fun traveling with loved ones! Date nights, drinks with friends and dinners with family.
The Alisha Nicole

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