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Tiffy Diamond Deryck Todd Snapbacks

Tiffy Diamond Deryck Todd Tote Bag

I've noticed the trend lately of snapbacks. It's the new thing to add to your wardrobe and the perfect accessory to throw on when running a quick errand but still wanting to look put together. Well, I really wasn't a fan of any of the ones I've seen. They all just lacked glam appeal for me. Well, that all changed when I got to shoot for snapback designer, Deryck Todd. Each one is adorned by hand with studs, jewels, pom poms, buttons etc. They're fabulous and that's the reason you might have seen them in Vogue Italia, Seventeen, and Nylon magazines. Fashion enthusiasts, this is what you want to wear when running errands, you'll be casual and yet still turn heads. 

Deryck Todd's designs don't just stop at wonderfully crafted hats. He has recently started a line of loveable bags perfect as an everyday tote or a quick get away bag. Each bag has grain natural leather bottom, handles and straps. It also opens with a riveted aluminum frame, which I love! It means this bag never slouches, it always stands upright. 

Deryck Todd is fast becoming one of the most sought out New York designers in the game.

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